It is always a good idea to give credit to those that kept us clothed when we first entered this strange new world. The Gnubie Store gives you a chance to try a variety of designers without costing you a virtual arm and leg. I would have been naked and horrifically skinned if it had not been for this great place. It is a challenge to find decent freebies and cheaper items for men in Second Life so if you run into a male newbie that seems out of sorts than point him in this direction.

My look came completely from the first floor but all floors have items for men. For $1L the creators of Fleur has a male skin starter pack. It does come with it own t-shirt and briefs but male skins at a discount cost are very hard to come by. Cada del Shai has several clothing items for $1L including rocker jeans. Shiny Things has a pair of painter shoes. Sheos for men are also difficult to find at a low cost. TorridWear has a set of long sleeve shirts that reflect my own RL style. Zyrraphotic Hair has a great mohawk that comes in many color choices for only $1L.

Other Designers with male items:
Adam n Eve
Gritty Kitty
Gurl 6
Rebel Hope Designs
Bryce Designs

Gnubie Store - A Great Start
(Shiny Things) Freebie Painter Shoes (gnu)
*Shai* Rolling Stones Jeans Black
*TorridWear*-Men’s Long T (blue)
Zyrraphotic Hair – Mohawk Freebie, Brat Chocolate-blond
Fleur Vivant Buff Newbie

Photos were redone on 5/16/09 to better show off the products.