Another place to get a great start is The Free Dove. Although it is not as well organized as The Gnubie Store, The Free Dove is worth hunting around to find the hidden quality items.

Free Dove - A Taste of Style

Each table is organized by item type and I will use that to help with the breakdown.

Skins & Shapes for Men & Woman, AOs
Wilted Rose
Shapes by Vixen

Men’s Clothes
Inga Wind Clothing
Stellar Designs
Milestone Creations
Men in Action
Jana’s Classic Designs
Every Day Glory
Chic Dimensions
Mystical Heart Designs
Designs by Aiden
Pariah Incorporated
Inks & Kinks
Nicky Ree
$25 an Outfit
Night Sky
Maloney & Hudsen

Men’s Shoes:
Anjo’s Adorables
Virtual Creations
Hansen Shoes
Cas’s Accessories
AFantasy Emporium

Hair Area Men & Women:
Rising Phoenix Designs (clothes)
Gurl 6 (free hair voucher for under 30 days old)
Diversity (free hair voucher for under 30 days old)
*DG* Innovations
LaLa Moon (female style that works as a male style)

Jewelry Accessories Hats Tattoos etc:
Provoked (jewelry)
PBC (eyes)
DarkSkye Designs (eyes)
Bunny Creek (young boys clothes)
Accessories by Eolande (jewelry)
EarthStones (jewelry)
Inks & Kinks (gift card for under 2 weeks old)
Panies’s & Rosedrop (jewelry)

Offical Free Dove Fantasy King & Queen Dove Attire
3 Star Designs

Sossys Your Turn Outfit
+LALA Moon+ Dream Hair[ Black ]
DarkSkye Free Stormy Eyes
EarthStones Men’s Beaded Leather Necklace – Jasper/Obsidian
EarthStones Mens Beaded Leather Bracelet – Jasper/Obsidian
Free MEN :Hansen Shoes: FD
-Belleza- Miguel Med Group gift
-Belleza- Jonas Shape

Photos were redone on 5/16/09 to better show off the products.