A few weeks ago MADesigns was very generous to those of us loyal to their update group. Not only do they have some of the best male hair in the game but they are always giving us samples of their fine work.    They keep it very simple so that it is easy to find quality male items.   There is even a wall filled with gifts for men from many of the associated designers.   Last week, the group was given a large pack filled with hair samples of the new texture.  


.::MADesigns Hair::. ~ JORDAN ~ SBR II
.::MADesigns Hair::. ~ BERNARD ~ TB I
.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ CREW ~ TB II
.::MADesigns Hair::. ~ HEMISH ~ DB I
-Belleza- Miguel Med Group gift
-Belleza- Jonas Shape
[MADesigns EYES] – Rich Brown (veins) DISCONTINUED

Photos were redone on 5/16/09 to better show off the products.