May 2009

I know that a store named Dawn Designs does not sound very manly but you might be surprised what you can find here. Most importantly, for a male avatar starting out in Second Life, Dawn Designs has a starter kit that comes with everything you need to not look like a total noob. The great thing about this is many of the items can be worn separately from each other to expand your closet. The items in the starter pack are: skin(neck seam issues – noted in pictures), shape, hair, eyes, shoes, shirt, pants, AO, and penis with a HUD. The hair is from -=H2L=- Hayate’s Hair Lab and usually costs L$200 for each of the colors(L$3200 for AllColor Pack).

Dawn DesignsDawn Designs

If you join the update group for the shopping area called “The Rookery Cove Project” there are special group gifts that Dawn Designs offers for men(ladies too). The current gift is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Regular male separates and outfit can run you from L$95 to $L350 with styles from casual to male bondage.

Dawn Designs

Dawn Designs HQ – “Dirty Duck” T-shirt
Dawn Designs HQ – Camo Pants (slim fit for boots)
Dawn Designs HQ – [Lars] Medium Clean
Dawn Designs HQ – Ocean Eyes
Dawn Designs HQ – Tight Boots
Dawn Designs HQ – Ripped Jeans
Dawn Designs HQ – Skull T-Shirt
-=H2L=- Shun UmberBlack Hair
-Belleza- Jonas shape


I was out shopping with the wife at ALPHAMALE & BLACKLACE when we ran into a blinding avatar. Bling? Less is more. Much, much more.  The saddest part of this story is that his rezdate is 8/3/2007 and he should have known better.

Be sure to stop over at ALPHAMALE & BLACKLACE for you last chance at a special promotional freebie.   There is one for men and one for women.

Blinded by Bling

Blaze is having a fire sale until June 14th. Most items are marked down 70-80% off. This means that tuxedos and suits are all marked down to L$100. Every man should have a a James Bond tuxedo and this is your chance to grab one for a discount.

Blaze - A Fire Sale

Blaze* Black Columbia Tux
-Belleza- Jonas med (hair) group gift
-Belleza- Jonas shape
Wolf’s – Walther P99 Pistol
Pose – [LP] Lazy Places For DSN Male 2

Second Life’s first male only hunt is about to being on June 1. The Make Him Over Hunt will start on Monday and continue to the end of June. This is a great opportunity to discover new stores with male items. With over 151 designers particpating, this is going to be a can’t-miss event for us.

Brekke took me over to a store called Howard Lindley Designs where they have a small area of freebies with some male items. There is a male hairstyles, workmen weaponry, and jewelry. Ladies, there is hair for you as well. Their average line for men runs into the casual clothing with tees for L$75 and shoes & acessories for L$199.

Howard Lindley Designs & ELISA - Poses for Friends

Howard Lindley Designs & ELISA - Poses for FriendsELISA – Poses for Friends is closing down and everything inside the store is L$1 per item. A set of 6 poses is $L5 and she does sell some male poses. There is also a male shape on the second floor at the $L1 price as well.

Howard Lindley Designs – .: Lotus :. Howie Hair Brown
Howard Lindley Designs – .: HLD :. Jade Necklace
-Belleza- Male gift skin
-Belleza- Jonas shape
INDI – Shirt blue long
INDI – Pants brown
*ELISA* Jimmy B.5 Pose

Accenture has their own Conference Center inside Second Life. The cultured Beanie Canning pointed me in the direction of the conference center so I could check out their special Tiger Woods-esque gift bag. At the reception desk you can find links to their services as well as everything you need to go out on the greens at no cost to you.

Accenture Conference Center

Accenture Gift Bag(Full golfing clothes, shoes, clubs)
[MADesigns EYES] – Light Brown (veins) DISCONTINUED
-Belleza- Jonas shape
-Belleza- Mathieu group gift

Brekke insisted on dragging me over to BishWear because for a limited time they are giiving away a 4pack of men’s skins for free. There is a freebie area on the second floor that is mostly for the ladies(Brekke was in heaven) but off to the side was this skin pack for men. I had never been to BishWear before so I looked around to see what other items there were to offer us guys. There is a small area on the first floor with outfits that range $L200 – $L300 along with a single male hairstyle. Sadly there was no demo for this hair(the female styles have demos) and it costs $L350 for 10 colors. Buyers, beware of hair that has no demo.


Close ups of the skins. You can click them to see them larger.


GTCristian-DBS Skin
Cristian-DBS Skin
Exile Fastball Hair eclipse
(bishwear)Rick Outfit
-Belleza- Jonas shape
[MADesigns EYES] – Light Brown (veins) DISCONTINUED

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