One of the hardest thing for men in Second Life is getting yourself together without looking like a comic book character.   If you hang out at the newbie place you will find many men are fond of the giant muscular body with a tiny head.   Making your own shape with the current slider options for men is difficult.   I gave up quickly.   I looked like I had been created by Picasso.  My lovely wife, Brekke Serenity, pointed me in the direction of Belleza. I think she sercretly did not want to be seen with a walking work of art.

You can buy shapes for L$600 that look normal. Bonus: You can try a demo of the shape for free. I was originally going to buy the Don shape but before I bought my Lindens Belleza released the Jonas shape which had less muscle bulk. The Jonas shape was more realistic and worked with the look I was trying to acheive. If you are like me and the name puts you off do not worry because this shape does not bring the Jonas Brothers to mind.

I was fortunate enough to be a member of the Belleza group(joining groups for your favorite store is always a good idea) when this shape was gifted out. It also came with matching skin which I will save for another time. It is clean shaven and I am not the clean shaven type right now. This update group is very generous and if you love the look of their skins and shapes you should be a member.

Another great shop to find male shapes is MADesigns and cost $L1000 each.
Getting Yourself TogetherGetting Yourself Together

-Belleza- Miguel Med Group gift
-Belleza- Jonas med (bald) group gift
-Belleza- Jonas Shape
[MADesigns EYES] – Rich Brown (veins) DISCONTINUED
.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ CREW ~ TB II
*CWS* Male1

Photos were redone on 5/16/09 to better show off the products.