Brekke suggested that I ask to be part of the blogger appreciation event because for the last 2 days I have been working on redoing all the fashion blogs.   I took them all down and redid the pictures after getting some great advice about taking pictures in SL.   Apparently taking these down was a mistake because I was flat out refused “at this time” because they couldn’t allow me to be part of it in “good conscience to the other bloggers”.   When I started to explain about redoing all the fashion pictures to Harper Beresford I was completely ignored and did not bother to explain further.  So I guess the event should be renamed only “bloggers who have been blogging a long time appreciation week”.  Way to discourage the new kid on the block, build walls, and resentment. Funny, no where on this blogs related to this event does it say “new guys need not apply”. 

Due to these events Brekke will have to deal with my cancelling our trip to House of Rfyre(CMO and Business Manager is Harper Beresford).  I am sure there are plenty of other stores with great coats and will probably cost us less too.   If you have any suggestions, let us know.

In other news I have about 4 more fashion blogs to reshoot and they will be up again.   Sorry for the delay.

Never piss of the wife. She has investigated, chatted with a few bloggers and learned there are bloggers in their group with blogs only 2 days old.