Callie Cline made the following statement on Achariya‘s blog:
“for BAP (blog app. week) i really did NOT want to be the police though we did check all urls and refused ppl who’s blogs opened AFTER the week started. (they yelled a LOT too) as it seemed only right. NEW was fine, but NOT after it started.”

I already showed that this statement is not true before she made it. Either Callie Cline is very misinformed about her own event or she is lying. I would hope it is the first.

1. I was turned down to be part of this event. Look at my blog history. My first blog is from April. You can check it out: A Start to the Idea.

2. As I stated in my earlier blog there was a blog that was allowed in that started after the event. This event began on May 11th and Girly Bitches blog began on May 14th.

So let me see, my blog over a month old was too new to be allowed in but a blog started 3 days after the event was allowed. This does not sound like a fair policy unless it is a gender issue but that is a whole different can of worms.