Brekke told me to come join Damiani Fashion Design update group and grab a male skin that is our for L$1. Ladies, if you are reading this, there are female skins for L$1 but the wife says that the face looks great and the body looks great but they don’t match in skin tones.

Damiani Fashion DesignDamiani Fashion Design

Regular Damiani make skins costs L$1800 so you are getting this deal at L$1799 off. If you are looking for a male shape, they have them for L$1000 with a demo at L$1. In comparison the ladies skins are $L1500 with the shapes at L$1000.

I am a brave soul. I have gone drag to show you the problem with the female skins in this gift. I hope that for L$1500 the standard female line does not have this problem.

 Damiani Fashion DesignDamiani Fashion Design

.::MADesigns Hair::. ~ DAVID ~ TB III
:::Damiani Fashion Design::: Joshua Stubble normal
:::Damiani Fashion Design::: Joshua Stubble Eyeliner Haired normal
:::Damiani Fashion Design::: Michelle Sunkissed Rebel Copper
:::Damiani Fashion Design::: Michelle Sunkissed Rebel Fair
:::Damiani Fashion Design::: 06_ocean blue
Belleza- Jonas Shape
Blaze* Boyfriend Buttondown (unisex) Welcome Gift