Milk Hall Fair’s Attic is a store I learned about from Beanie Love Japan. Almost everything in this store is free. There are many items for men to supplement your inventory. There are several sweater options, work wear, sandals, hair, and furniture.

Milk Hall Fair's Attic & Arai

Arai is another store from the same blog that carries inexpensive male skins that range from $L50 to L$200. Each skin is Asian is style and comes with a custom shape for that skin. These skins range from the average Joe to the thug who has seen the inside of a prison cell. The skins and shapes are located in the basement of this store. The main floor carries clothing, accessories, and shoes that range from $L15 to $L200.

Milk Hall Fair's Attic & AraiMilk Hall Fair's Attic & Arai

-MHFA- Mens Hair01-black
-MHFA- Work wear Brown
-MHFA- Waiter outfit
*ARAI* Yankee skin 01
-Belleza- Jonas shape
[MADesigns EYES] – Light Brown (veins) DISCONTINUED