Here are some more items from The Make Him Over Hunt has started.   The start point is at MADesigns .

More on the Make Him Over Hunt

Are we men or are we Divas? I have to ask this question because the group chat for Make Him Over has been filled for the last 2 days with bitching. “No fair!” “I give up! “This is too hard!” “I aint paying 1 L!” “What a rip!?!?!”

More on the Make Him Over Hunt

I am just going to take this moment to thank the designers and organizers for thinking of the men that play this game. Thank you.

-Belleza- Jonas shape
BeReal // *Exclusive Max Skin*
Darker Blue Natural MaXeyes
Exile Cord Pants
Exile Grey Designer Shirt
Exile Fastball Blackgold

-Belleza- Jonas shape
-Belleza- Jonas med (bald) group gift
Red Demon MaXeyes
+DV8+ Cyberhawk – Fallout
+DV8+ Praxis Outfit – Fallout