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I first came across Bryce Designs as a newbie looking for a decent start. He has a thorough starter kit for new players at The Gnubie Store along with a few hairstyles and several hairstyles at Savoir Hair to get a new resident going.   In the last week I have made the best hair discoveries at Bryce Designs as well as learning from his shoppers that he is very generous to his customers.   There is a unique experience of the Roulette Wheel at this store.  You pay the wheel $L30 and you come out with 1 out of 8 styles in a single color.  Catering to the male population of Second Life, the ladies needed not be shy because this store has hair & clothes for you too.  You can also find Muppet-based avatars if that is to your taste.  Typical hair will run you L$200 for each color set.

Bryce Designs
Bryce DesignsBryce Designs
Bryce DesignsBryce Designs

Bryce Designs’ blog.

-Belleza- Jonas shape
-Belleza- Jonas med (bald) group gift
SYD – Lake Eyes
Bryce ~ Demon Shirt – Brown
Bryce ~ Denims – Darkwash
Bryce ~ Mikichan – Bold Reds – Sienna
Bryce ~ Boarder – Ginger Reds – Penny
Bryce ~ Champ – Coffees – Cappuccino
Bryce ~ Adam – Bold Reds – Crimson
Bryce ~ Edo – Salt & Peppers – Vapor