I have to be fair and feature another great designer of male hair. Exile Gear not only has great hair for men, he also has 9 freebie male hairstyles(2 for the ladies), a few outfit with jeans and a shirt, plus if you are a member fo the update group there are always generous gifts. The average price for hair is $L250 for a pack of 6 colors so you are getting each color for under $L42. Below the stairs and on the second floor are clothes for men. Just under the stairs are jeans for $L125 a pair in a variety of colors. There is a range of full costumes on the second floor that range from $L300 to $L400.

Exile Gear’s blog.

Exile Gear

Exile GearExile GearExile GearExile GearExile Gear

-Belleza- Jonas shape
-Belleza- Miguel Med Group gift
SYD – Lake Eyes
Free gift from Exile – Shirt
Free gift from Exile – Jeans
Exile Stephan geode
Exile Brady cheyanne
Exile Wild Thing champagne
Exile Echo hazelnut
Exile Fastball eclipse
Exile Varsity coffee

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