I have to say that I was very disappointed in the 2009 Fashion Expo. This expo is to benefit the Relay for Life but there was a problem for me – not much for the men. I have no problem donating to charities but the male fashion world was sadly represented. I would rather buy a quality item for RFL than some t-shirt with a slogan. Brekke on the other hand found many items she loved so be sure to bring your ladies.

2009 Fashion Expo - Bring Your Ladies

Three booths stood out for me: STELLAR, MADesigns, and Bleeding. Ink. Tattoo.

We already know that I am a MADesigns customer but the other two stores I am going to give more attention to when I am our shopping next. STELLAR had equal items for men and women with a variety of shirts and jeans. Bleeding. Ink. Tattoo. has black ink tattoos in many styles and designs.

2009 Fashion Expo - Bring Your Ladies2009 Fashion Expo - Bring Your Ladies

In short, guys, if you are looking to donate to Relay for Life it might be better to donate to one of the kiosks directly because the offerings for us is limited. Or have your lady donate for you because she will have a variety of items to choose from.

-Belleza- Jonas shape
-Belleza- Jonas med (bald) group gift
SYD – Lake Eyes
.::MADesigns Hair::. ~ DAVID ~ TB III
[Stellar] Emerald Mens Tee (untucked)
[Stellar] Emerald Plaid Mens Jeans
[RFL] Hope Unisex Bracelet(touch resize)
:.B.I.T.: Death-Fresh Freebie Tattoo (S)