Calico Ingamm Creations has free 4th of July hair. There are 2 ad displays one with Josh & Seth and the second with Evan. In the other textures these styles will run you L$200. There is also female hair gifts as well.

Celebrate the 4th

Damiani Fashion Design has a special 4th of July skin with American flag tattoos and a matching outfit for L$1. This special is for group members with the group membership at L$250. There are often gifts and specials so this group is well worth the cost. There is also a female set as well.

Celebrate the 4thCelebrate the 4th

-Belleza- Jonas shape
PixelDolls (Avatar) Eyes: Adorable. (mint)
Damiani Mr America Skin
Damiani born in the USA Shorts
Damiani Flip Flops
Calico Ingamm Creations Josh – Glory
Calico Ingamm Creations Evan – Glory
Pose [LP] Lazy Places For DSN Male 1