Deviant Kitties was one of the stores that Brekke loved at the Hair Fair. She dragged me over there so she could do a treasure hunt. My feelings was any store with the word Kitty in its title was not for men. I found myself surprised. As with most new places I hit the freebie/discount area first and found a free male skin and unisex hairstyle. The skin is called Maskk and the hair, which came in 6 colors, Thirteen. The other male skins will run you L$75 and the hair will run L$200 or L$70 for the discounted styles. Other male items are piercings for L$90, shapes for L$750 and a full avatar of Zuko from Avatar for $L1000.

Deviant Kitties & SCD Photo Studio
Deviant Kitties & SCD Photo StudioDeviant Kitties & SCD Photo Studio

The pictures today use the new and completely free SCD Photo Studio from the bloggers over at Shopping Cart Disco. It comes with Windlight setting suggestions. Now all I need are some textures to give this thing more background than white. The photo studio is easy to use.  Just place it down and you are good to go.   I suggest investing in a background pack or uploading your own favorites.

Deviant Kitties & SCD Photo Studio

-Belleza- Jonas shape
Deviant Kitties Maskk Skin
(Avatar) Eyes: Adorable. (mint)
Gritty Kitty: Master Blaster Shirt
Desert Moon Clothiers DMC Smoked Jeans Tucked
Deviant Kitties Effie – Black Brown
Deviant Kitties Thirteen – Black