Achariya challenged bloggers to dress in something inspired by a John Hughes film as a memorial to his career. Reach the Rock is one of the lesser known works of John Hughes. Robin is a small town “bad boy” who recently returned after the accidental drowning of his best friend. He goes crazy and trashes the town landing himself in jail. Throughout his night in jail he slips out off and on without being notices further trashing the town while dealing with his past. It is a slightly darker side of John Huges but it is mixed with enough funny scenes to give it a comedic balance. This is one of his best pieces of writing in his career.

John Hughes: Reach the Rock

-Belleza- Jonas shape
-Belleza- Johan sk gift
PE Eyes-Chocolate M
.::MADesigns Hair::. ~ DAVID 2 ~ DB III
Uurban Wreckage “Colours Collection” Plain White Tee
*katat0nik* Axis Mundi Sculpted Boots
*Shai* Rolling Stones Jeans Black