PixelDolls is having a huge sale. Every item in the sale room is only L$10. Why is this important for guys? There are several male outfits hidden along the walls. There are eyes in every color you could need on sale too. Brekke and I went on a much need L$10 shopping spree. She bought everything – skins, hair, eyes, clothes.

PixelDolls L$10 SalePixelDolls L$10 Sale
PixelDolls L$10 SalePixelDolls L$10 Sale
PixelDolls L$10 SalePixelDolls L$10 Sale

F’Nor is wearing:
-Belleza- Jonas shape
-Belleza- Jonas med (bald)
(Avatar) Eyes: Adorable. (mint)
Exile Varsity chocolate
(Seburo PD) Gideon- Noir
**Seburo PD- ZootStripe Suit
(Seburo PD) Gideon- Dust

Brekke is wearing:
(PixelDolls Skin) . Dark E . Elizabeth (Freckled)
(SdR II) Prim Lashes
(Avatar) Eyes: Adorable. (chocolate)
(PixelDolls) Revolver III
(PixelDolls) Strappy Sheer Shiny
**Seburo PD Femme Set
(PixelDolls) Hair . Ballerina . – Brunette soft black
(PixelDolls) Hair . Elizabeth . – Brunette soft black


On July 3rd, the Hair Fair is asking us to take a day without prim hair in recognition of those children they are raising money for. On this day we are to wear bandanas instead. All over the Hair Fair there are bandanas for sale with all the money going to Locks of Love. Brekke and I felt it was important to support a cause and prior to the Hair Fair we donated a set of bandanas. Each bandana costs L$50 and ours are located on the South East sim.

Bandana Day - July 3rdBandana Day - July 3rd

Brekke and I have been busy with our summer plans but we took some time to visit the Hair Fair.   The Hair Fair opened on Saturday to much lag(take off your prims) caused by shoppers who feel the need to dress in their highest prim and ARC items to slow down all the sim to a crawl.  The build loaded quickly so I think the lag was caused by the people and not the build.  The layout is a simple chocolate road to follow so it is impossible to get lost and, unlike the 2009 Fashion Expo, the build has a clean look with no ugly sculpted roads.

Hair Fair - Finds for Men

When you arrive at the Hair Fair you can buy for L$0 a lag pack that has 4 chocolate skins(2 male, 2 female), a pair of pants, 2 shirts(1 male, 1 female), and whipped cream hair. Many of the booths have free and L$1 sample offereings and most of the full priced styles run from around L$100 to L$400. One of the purposes for this event is to raise money for Locks of Love. Each designer has at least 1 style that donates money to the charity.

Hair Fair - Finds for Men- Miau HausHair Fair - Finds for Men - Bryce Designs
Hair Fair - Finds for Men - Philotic EnergyHair Fair - Finds for Men - MADesigns
Hair Fair - Finds for Men - ExileHair Fair - Finds for Men - The u-neek
Hair Fair - Finds for Men - NebuchadNezzarHair Fair - Finds for Men - Tea Lane

Here are the stores with male items(or styles that work for men) at the 2009 Hair Fair:
The store below noted with (gift) are those with male gifts.


Battle Angel
Exile (gift)
Damselfly (gift)
Hair Solutions (gift)
Kiss (gift)
Find Ash
Rock Candy (gift)
DV8 (gift)
Tekeli-li! (gift)
Flavor Designs (gift)


Tiny Bird (gift)
Diversity (gift)
Gwendolyn Cassini Creations
Wasabi Pills
Here Comes Trouble
TRUTH (gift)
Philotic Energy (gift)
Pixelated Dreams
Mau & Mej’s
Excess Androgyne (gift)
C’est Moi
Diversity (gift)


Lazy Places
Dicord Designs (gift)
Bryce (gift)
Pazazz Hair (gift)
Black Maria (gift)
The U-Neek (gift)
Calico Ingmann Creations (gift)


Lag Designs (gift)
Sky Shop Hair Resort
Miau Haus
Tea Lane (gift-wearable demos)
Designs by Katey
a.C Store
The Stringer Mausoleum
Sirena (gift)

-Belleza- Jonas shape
-Belleza- Jonas med (bald)
PE Eyes-Chocolate M
*RockCandy* Super Music T-Shirt

Miau Haus ^^ Donovan Hair LG/CaviarBlack
~Tea Lane~ Juiced – mediumwarmbrown
NebuchadNezzar – Steam Brasstubes (Black)
Exile Wild Thing darkblaze
The U-neek Techoid Whitendz
Philotic Energy Pace Kohl
Bryce ~ Brewce – Coffees – Cappuccino
.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BILLY DESTROYED C2 ~ DB III Scripted

I have to say that I was very disappointed in the 2009 Fashion Expo. This expo is to benefit the Relay for Life but there was a problem for me – not much for the men. I have no problem donating to charities but the male fashion world was sadly represented. I would rather buy a quality item for RFL than some t-shirt with a slogan. Brekke on the other hand found many items she loved so be sure to bring your ladies.

2009 Fashion Expo - Bring Your Ladies

Three booths stood out for me: STELLAR, MADesigns, and Bleeding. Ink. Tattoo.

We already know that I am a MADesigns customer but the other two stores I am going to give more attention to when I am our shopping next. STELLAR had equal items for men and women with a variety of shirts and jeans. Bleeding. Ink. Tattoo. has black ink tattoos in many styles and designs.

2009 Fashion Expo - Bring Your Ladies2009 Fashion Expo - Bring Your Ladies

In short, guys, if you are looking to donate to Relay for Life it might be better to donate to one of the kiosks directly because the offerings for us is limited. Or have your lady donate for you because she will have a variety of items to choose from.

-Belleza- Jonas shape
-Belleza- Jonas med (bald) group gift
SYD – Lake Eyes
.::MADesigns Hair::. ~ DAVID ~ TB III
[Stellar] Emerald Mens Tee (untucked)
[Stellar] Emerald Plaid Mens Jeans
[RFL] Hope Unisex Bracelet(touch resize)
:.B.I.T.: Death-Fresh Freebie Tattoo (S)

Here are some more items from The Make Him Over Hunt has started.   The start point is at MADesigns .

More on the Make Him Over Hunt

Are we men or are we Divas? I have to ask this question because the group chat for Make Him Over has been filled for the last 2 days with bitching. “No fair!” “I give up! “This is too hard!” “I aint paying 1 L!” “What a rip!?!?!”

More on the Make Him Over Hunt

I am just going to take this moment to thank the designers and organizers for thinking of the men that play this game. Thank you.

-Belleza- Jonas shape
BeReal // *Exclusive Max Skin*
Darker Blue Natural MaXeyes
Exile Cord Pants
Exile Grey Designer Shirt
Exile Fastball Blackgold

-Belleza- Jonas shape
-Belleza- Jonas med (bald) group gift
Red Demon MaXeyes
+DV8+ Cyberhawk – Fallout
+DV8+ Praxis Outfit – Fallout

The Make Him Over Hunt has started.   The start point is at MADesigns .

Let’s us remember not to be like this guy: ok…where the f*** is this “male symbol Or we might get compared to the ladies.

Don’t forget to join the Make Him Over update group.

Make Him Over Hunt Begins

There are some symbols(#20) that are mismarked at $L1 but if the item is worth it I don’t think an extra $L1 will kill you. The wife bitches less then some of these hunters.

Pros of this hunt: My inventory is swelling.

Cons of this hunt: Store spam(notecards, landmarks, group invites) the minute you walk into a shop.

Make Him Over Hunt Begins

-Belleza- Jonas shape
BeReal // *Exclusive Max Skin*
MADesigns EYES – ABYSS – labrador sea
!BooPerFunK! VeeDubla naturals TC
Color me Chaos Grunge Kilt
Trixxy’s Shop Ripped Black tank
MADesigns M Runway 1

-Belleza- Jonas shape
BeReal // *Exclusive Max Skin*
Darker Blue Natural MaXeyes
Bryce ~ Frankie – Coffees – Espresso
MadeForYou Latex Jacket
MADesigns M Runway 3

Second Life’s first male only hunt is about to being on June 1. The Make Him Over Hunt will start on Monday and continue to the end of June. This is a great opportunity to discover new stores with male items. With over 151 designers particpating, this is going to be a can’t-miss event for us.