Callie Cline made the following statement on Achariya‘s blog:
“for BAP (blog app. week) i really did NOT want to be the police though we did check all urls and refused ppl who’s blogs opened AFTER the week started. (they yelled a LOT too) as it seemed only right. NEW was fine, but NOT after it started.”

I already showed that this statement is not true before she made it. Either Callie Cline is very misinformed about her own event or she is lying. I would hope it is the first.

1. I was turned down to be part of this event. Look at my blog history. My first blog is from April. You can check it out: A Start to the Idea.

2. As I stated in my earlier blog there was a blog that was allowed in that started after the event. This event began on May 11th and Girly Bitches blog began on May 14th.

So let me see, my blog over a month old was too new to be allowed in but a blog started 3 days after the event was allowed. This does not sound like a fair policy unless it is a gender issue but that is a whole different can of worms.


Brekke suggested that I ask to be part of the blogger appreciation event because for the last 2 days I have been working on redoing all the fashion blogs.   I took them all down and redid the pictures after getting some great advice about taking pictures in SL.   Apparently taking these down was a mistake because I was flat out refused “at this time” because they couldn’t allow me to be part of it in “good conscience to the other bloggers”.   When I started to explain about redoing all the fashion pictures to Harper Beresford I was completely ignored and did not bother to explain further.  So I guess the event should be renamed only “bloggers who have been blogging a long time appreciation week”.  Way to discourage the new kid on the block, build walls, and resentment. Funny, no where on this blogs related to this event does it say “new guys need not apply”. 

Due to these events Brekke will have to deal with my cancelling our trip to House of Rfyre(CMO and Business Manager is Harper Beresford).  I am sure there are plenty of other stores with great coats and will probably cost us less too.   If you have any suggestions, let us know.

In other news I have about 4 more fashion blogs to reshoot and they will be up again.   Sorry for the delay.

Never piss of the wife. She has investigated, chatted with a few bloggers and learned there are bloggers in their group with blogs only 2 days old.

How many times has this happened to you? You are out shopping like I was at Belleza when you get that telltale message in your chat window:

Fangs [Thirst::Bloodlines] 2.9: Shanel Sorbet would like to give you a Vampire bite. This will register you with The Thirst::Bloodlines system, and you’ll get a FREE pair of bite marks. If you accept the bite, you don’t have to play, and if you get bitten, you don’t have to drink a potion to undo it. Say Yes to accept!

Bite and run is what Brekke and I have been calling them. These people hang out at high traffic areas and attempt to bite others in order to increase their status on their vampire game. They do not care who they are bugging. They have no shame.

When you are biten by a member of the Thirst::Bloodlines you name is entered into the database that is run on their companion website.   There are supposed to be rules that those playing this game abide by which includes privately asking to bite you first but 9 out of every 10 of their vampires I have encountered have never asked.  This has left many landowners and residents with bad feelings toward the game and its creators as evident by the artile last year by land maven Sarah Nerd(Say NO to Bloodlines!). Sarah recently shared that the people at Thirst::Bloodlines introduced a new HUD that was supposed to cut down on these instances but I am here to say that nothing has changed.